Vibrant Advantage™

The Vibrant Advantage™ experience seniors enjoy when living in any inSite community is more than simply having private space, a schedule for service delivery, recreational programs and other activities. It is a combination of meaningful relationships, social opportunities, culture, choice, shared ideas and interests. It’s a sense of involvement in the everyday life of the community.

Small reminiscent moments, profound learning experiences, the simplicity of a shared smile, a sense of safety and security, a pleasurable dining experience or taking a moment to learn about a neighbour’s heritage are all meaningful experiences enjoyed by seniors living in inSite communities.

For many, true-life enjoyment comes through an ability to organize each day, learn new skills, make choices or share a laugh with a friend. This shouldn’t change when one comes to live in a care community. inSite therefore strives to ensure residents enjoy a Vibrant Advantage™ experience in everyday life while living in care.

inSite understands that a need for care and support does not necessarily mean a need to be fully dependent. In complex care, seniors have health related needs that create dependency in some areas however maintaining control, wherever possible, is important and dramatically affects quality of life. Enjoying a Vibrant Advantage™ experience includes feeling safe, making choices to exercise control and celebrating ability. inSite’s care model has been developed to promote each residents’ ability to enjoy a Vibrant Advantage™ experience in everyday life within the community.